Voice Big believes US Citizens have a right and a responsibility to be involved in their government. We think most members of congress have forgotten they are supposed to be working for the benefit of all citizens and instead they have been supporting legislation to help special interest groups. We think that needs to change. We need to hold our government accountable to the people.

Telling our congressional representatives what you think is a critical step in holding them accountable to us, their constituency. Reminding congress and the administration they answer to the people of this country above the desires of lobbyists and big money.

People who use Voice Big care about what our government officials are doing and are willing to step up and tell them!

Our mission is to provide a convenient effective way to contact government decision makers on important issues.

If you are concerned about issues affecting your life being decided by government, you might be like us.

If you feel like your government should at least consider your opinion on an issue, we are like you.

We were frustrated by how hard it was to contact decision makers whether it was the President of the United States, Cabinet Members, or the US House and Senate. Each of these decision makers have different contact information that is found in different places.

Even when we were fired up about an issue, it was intimidating to put our thoughts into a letter or email. Where do you start? How do you put the right words together to actually get a decision maker to consider your point of view?

We provide sample letters you can pick, click and send or edit our letter to make it your own or you can write your own letter and we will send it for you.

You always have the ability to send letters on your own without having to pay anyone. We hope you use us for the convenience we offer.

Contact Us:

Email:  [email protected]

Snail Mail:  Voice Big LLC PO Box 826, Summit, SD  57266