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Republican or Democrat:  Your Party Failed 

People are struggling with the fallout from the pandemic.  According to Feeding America there are 54 million people including 18 million children in this country that are food insecure, that is an increase of 17 million more people than last year.

Rather than focus on a bipartisan negotiation to address the economic catastrophe for these Americans, both Democrats and Republicans crafted bills on their own they knew would not be passed.  

It was pure political theater providing nothing more than sound bites for political campaign ads…. Like “we tried to help but the other party blocked it” 

Unemployment benefits and another round of stimulus checks are in limbo.

Evictions are banned, for now. 

Americans are worried about what the future will bring with the COVID-19 pandemic still not under control and coupling it with the traditional flu season. Most schools remain remote, and parents are facing the hard reality of how to properly school their children and make a living. As financial hardship worsens, congress continues to bicker over the help Americans need.

The President signed an executive order, providing temporary relief in hopes of a bi-partisan agreement. Those orders are set to expire today. 

Congress has been unable to strike a compromise on another stimulus package. Most of the relief measures delivered to Americans in the $2.2 trillion CARES Act, including weekly $600 federal unemployment checks, have come to an end. 

This week, Democrats blocked Republicans’ proposal for a reduced coronavirus aid package, saying that it was inadequate.   The democratic version passed out of the house was jam packed with a wish list of everything they could think of.  The republican version offered little to the people and included provisions they knew democrats would never accept.

There are no plans to address a stimulus package again before congress recesses to campaign for the elections.  They take their callous disregard of the American people hidden by their ability to point at the other party and say ‘see those are the bad guys’.

With a break-in session approaching and many in congress in reelection battles in their districts, Americans may not receive the much-needed help until after the elections.

Here are some stats showing how stimulus funds to citizens make a difference in the economy.

Consumer spending increased after stimulus checks were distributed and helped small businesses. 

While recipient income under CARES act increased versus previous earnings when calculating the enhanced unemployment benefit.

Over 50 million jobs have been lost since the novice COVID-19 virus hit the United States.

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