Are you worried about how our country is changing? Do you think our government leaders are paying attention to the citizens? Does congress really represent the people?

If you identify with these questions, you are not alone.

How do you make it better?

Believe it or not, sending them an old fashioned letter is one of the best ways to get their attention. You are going to feel better when you do it. If you currently send letters to congress you know it provides substantially more satisfaction than trolling on social media.

Sending a letter can be tougher than you think. Identifying the right people AND finding the right words AND finding the right address AND going through the physical process of sending the letter takes time.

So where does Voice Big come in?

Our mission is to help US citizens influence decisions made by congress and the administration. We encourage you to take action and help with the process. We make it easier for you to send letters to your representatives telling them what you want them to do.

We have example letters you can use just by adding your name and address. You can edit the letter to make it your own, or you can write your own letter from scratch. We identify your government officials, their address, and then print and mail the letters.

How much does it cost to use Voice Big?

Simple, 5 bucks for the first letter in the topic then $3.50 for each additional letter sent on that topic. So pretty much… If you are sending a letter in regards to Health Care and want to send it to your Congressman, 2 Senators, and President Trump, you would pay $15.5 ($5 for the first +$3.5+$3.5+3.5) You can see the example letters here:

If you want to save money and build the habit of contacting your reps every month you can sign up for a membership at $24 per month that allows 8 letters each month. Click this link: Members have access to more example letters, can suggest a letter topic and work in an ad free environment.

Why is there a charge?

We think the convenience of having example letters, with the names and addresses of Congress in a pick, click and send is worth a few bucks.  We are also fiercely independent and want to stay that way.  Most free letter or free contact sites are financed by a special interest group and donations.  We choose to be self financed by selling our service so we can freely encourage our Voice Big community to contact their government representatives no matter which side of the topic they support.

What if I don’t want to pay VoiceBig to send a letter?

You can always send a letter on your own!  Addresses for government officials are available on line and government officials often have a web portal to receive email.  We hope you use our service but we celebrate anyone willing to get involved in our government by contacting government officials!

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