Scrolling through news feeds and social media clicking emoji’s, commenting and sharing stories gets me wound up but is not very satisfying. It doesn’t seem to change anything except getting more political related posts on my feed. It took a while to make the switch from reacting to somebodies’ post to actually contacting a government official who was making the decision.

It seemed like I maybe shouldn’t do it. Why would a government official pay attention to what I want? Maybe I was over stepping my bounds contacting a government decision maker. I overcame those doubts when I got mad at how things were going and worried about what kind of country we are leaving for future generations.

We have a government that is ignoring the needs and wants of its citizens. A government so dysfunctional it is incapable of debate, thoughtful compromise or even generating budgets that work. Currently, local and national policy decisions are driven by special interests, not by what is right for the majority of its people. Government officials listen to special interest groups because they have money and they make the effort to push their agenda. Citizens are easily ignored or discounted by labels like radical, libtard and deplorable. The media highlights the most extreme people on both sides of the argument. Social media takes the caricature of the most outlandish people and uses it to paint a whole segment of the population

By making the switch from complaining and commenting, to contacting a government official with a clear concise position on a specific topic we can make a difference. We encourage you to edit the example letter to include information about why you care or even make the whole letter your composition.

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