Beer and Soda the Next Toilet Paper Covid Shortage?

Store shelves are starting to look a little bare in the beverage isle.  Some of your favorites might be missing.  

Changes in Sales 

The coronavirus changed the soda and beer buying patterns.  As more people stayed home from restaurants and bars they didn’t drink any less, they just changed where and how they purchased their favorite drinks.

Soda’s moved from fountain drinks to 12 packs from the store.  Major soda brands have seen a 30% switch in their business from fountain drinks to can and bottle purchases.  There are similar switches in the beer market.

Supply Chain Trouble

Compounding the issue is shortages for aluminum cans and C02 for that fizz we all know.  

The higher demand for canned beverages increased the need for aluminum cans.  In the US, an aluminum can has an average of 50% recycled aluminum.  Recycling centers were impacted by the covid-19 pandemic with closures and service interruptions.  This reduced the amount of aluminum available for production just when demand was growing.  Local distributors are deciding to temporarily eliminate some of the lower selling brands.  For example, if you are a Caffeine Free Coke fan you may not find any until later this year. 

CO2 is also in short supply.  It puts the fizz (and foam) in your favorite beverages.  CO2 is a by product of turning corn into ethanol fuel.  Many of those plants experienced closures for Covid and because of the reduced demand for fuel in general.  CO2 supplies are running low.

It looks like the big brand names are safe for now but if your likes are little off the main label you may want to stock up while you can.  Some of lesser labels may not be available until after Labor Day.

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