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Why A Letter ?

We hear citizens feeling as if they are not heard, don’t think their vote matters, and feel muted by other’s agenda. Voice Big aims to change that by allowing you find hot-button items, or issues that impact your life and reach out to elected officials DIRECTLY. President Trump has changed the way we digest news by speaking directly via Twitter. Voice Big aims to get you to speak with elected o...

United Voicing

A Call for United Voicing. Let me tell you a story… When I was 7 years old I came home and complained to my mother about being different. I have a Hispanic name, a shade darker than most my classmates, and was growing up in Boston, MA. My mother, ever the listener, allowed me to vent until I concluded with “And I will never speak Spanish again”. My mother did what wise women do, and sh...

We're Live

SUMMIT, SD May 22, 2017, Voice Big rolls out a stress free- hassle free way for you to contact members of congress. Voice Big is a new internet based platform to help people contact their government representatives.   Current bills and topics in congress are highlighted on the Voice Big website. Users are asked a series of questions to identify their position on the topic and shown a...