How open has China been with COVID-19 data.

Multiple anonymous officials quoted a classified U.S. intelligence report delivered to the White House which assured China manipulated public reporting on cases and deaths, even going as far as stating the released numbers are fake. On April 17th China increased the number of deaths attributed to Covid-19 in Wuhan by 50%...

Surprising Help In 3D

We have all seen and heard of shortages for hand sanitizer and personal protective supplies.  Across the country individuals, schools and businesses are stepping up to meet the need.  Here are two examples of surprising ways people found a way to help.  If you can make it to the end of this story you might be surprised that you can help too!.  ...

Got Toilet Paper?

The source of countless GIFs, memes, and jokes: Toilet paper and how we need more of it. In a world of countless apps, it's remarkable that no one has rushed to create a toilet paper locator app!  At Voice Big, we will do our best to fill the void. It's very simpl...