Actress Megan Fox appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live! in 2009 and the resurfaced interview is causing waves online. 

When actress Megan Fox appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! In 2009, the actress was having a career year, reprising her role as Mikaela Banes in Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen and starring in Jennifer’s Body. 

Transformer: Revenge of the Fallen, directed by Michael Bay, released June 24th, 2009 was the summer blockbuster must-see movie, and grossed over one billion dollars. 

However, instead of talking about her leading role in this Michael Bay film, the interview turned to her much lesser role in another Bay film, Bad Boys II. 

Bad Boys II, starring Will Smith, and Martin Lawrence is revered by fans and certainly has all of the Michael Bay essentials. Large car chases, things blowing up, guns, sex, and beautiful women.

It also had a then 15-year-old Megan Fox dancing in a night club scene. 

And this was the topic host Jimmy Kimmel decided to talk about. 

The entire appearance on the show started with Megan Fox inviting host Kimmel’s trusty sidekick and security, Guillermo, to come over for snuggles. The interview then transitioned to Ms. Fox’s drawing abilities, her sharing an original bulked up Jimmy Kimmel, and then the host shared one of them kissing in bed. 

Then the interview turned to her audition with director Michael Bay. 

Ms. Fox revealed her audition consisted of dancing underneath a waterfall in her bikini. 

An interview already sexually charged, took it up another notch. 

The banter ensued, with neither host Kimmel, Ms. Fox, or the audience thinking there was anything wrong with her dancing in a bikini at age 15 for her audition. 

It was just another day in Hollywood. 

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