South Dakota added a law to allow concealed carry without a permit.
It is a perfect example of the national gun control debate. The first bill signed in 2019 by the first woman ever elected governor in the state, Kristi Noem, signed “Constitutional Carry”.

In a republican dominated state, the process to get the law approved was fairly quick. Proponents said it was needed to protect 2nd amendment rights for law abiding South Dakota citizens. They said the $10 fee and permit verification process infringed on their rights. The law allows anyone who is legal to own a gun – including minors in the presence of their parents to conceal carry a fire arm. Opponents said 84% of the citizens in South Dakota including law enforcement supported the current system that required a $10 permit.

The new law brought additional debate twists to other state gun laws :

  • Concealed Carry will not be allowed in South Dakota Buildings housing the state legislature.
  • Concealed Carry will not be allowed on college campuses
  • A stolen gun registry in the states’ largest city may have to be abandoned.

Click here to tell your US Senator, Representative and Administration what you want to have happen with gun legislation:

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