Throw the con artists out! It is an easy position to take but there are valid arguements on both sides of the issue.

A whopping 73% of people disapprove of how congress operates, citizens wonder if it would be better if there would be limits to the length of time a senator or representative could hold office.   To many it seems like the longer a member of congress holds office the more they lose touch with the average American.

Here is a letter to send to congress to support term limits. Keep going to see the case against term limits..

Arguments are valid on both sides of the issue.  The longest serving members have been there for four decades.  While that may sound like too long, it is important to remember citizens have continued to re-elect them.  So apparently as citizens we like our members of congress but not the ones from other states.  Even when a state is ready for a different candidate, current office holders have automatic advantages over challengers.  Gerrymandered districts, established campaign funding, name recognition and support from the old guard make it harder for a new person to gain office.

Here is a letter against term limits. See below to see how easy it is to send a letter using Voice Big.

It would take an amendment to the constitution or a ruling by the supreme court to establish term limits.

Term limits could force good members out with the bad.   Limits could also change the power dynamic as they would force new members into the mix every few years.  That may be a good thing, but it could potentially raise the influence of special interest groups.   Special interests continually court members with campaign donations and legislation requests that favor their industries.  How much influence does that have on a new member versus a seasoned veteran?

Another piece of this puzzle:  Why did congress pass a term limit for the office of President to limit power but not impose term limits for themselves or eliminate life time appointments to the supreme court and federal judiciary?

Are you ready to send a letter to congress? There is a fee associated with the service but it is easy to use just keep clicking:

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Thousands hit the streets in the nation’s capital protesting Congress’ vote to affirm Joe Biden as the 46th president...”

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