Immigration was easy to ignore:

Each political party has used immigration to their advantage as election topic but still only pays lip service to addressing the actual issues.  Even if you eliminate the options of a bipartisan solutions,  each party has had the opportunity to get something done over the last 30 years while they had full control of the administration and congress but they chose not to give it serious attention.  Democrats forced through the Affordable Care Act.  Republicans forced through a massive tax cut.  Neither party addressed immigration.  They need to be pushed to fix immigration.

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Congress just doesn’t have the political will to address it.

While congress collects their paychecks and spends up to 75% of their time raising money from special interests,  their lack of action on immigration issues are compounding.  The country is reaching a very real flash point posting active military personnel and equipment on American soil stopping a caravan of immigrants on our border.  Congress has been able to tap dance around taking real action.

Why isn’t Congress in special session?

Why isn’t congress in special session right now to address this?  Why don’t we force congress into negotiations and don’t let them out until they get it done?  There may not be easy answers but that is what we elect congress to do — address tough issues and implement what is best for our country.  Why would congress allow the administration to change the 14th Amendment to the constitution with the stroke of a pen?

Immigration impacts everyone.

Depending on where you live in the country your experience and opinions on immigration will be different.  Even if you don’t see it directly your life is impacted by illegal immigration.  Odds are the food you eat, services you use or products you buy have been produced with some illegal immigrant labor.   No one knows for sure how many people are in the country illegally.  Years of  congressional neglect have added to the issue.

If you live in a southern border state the schools, law enforcement and medical services in your area are impacted by immigrant families.  While statistics say immigrants are less likely to be involved in a crime, there are crimes.  Illegal immigration has allowed an industry of human smuggling and human trafficking to flourish.  An underground  population of people subject to deportation allows the crime and abuses to continue.  These people are not able to cooperate with law enforcement without being subject to deportation.  Organized crime grows.  People covered under DACA are subject to deportation after multiple promises of a path to citizenship.  There are employers who take advantage of an illegal workforce to boost their profits.  How much financial assistance if any should an immigrant receive from the government?  The list of issues goes on.

Refugee versus Illegal immigrant

The ability to qualify for refugee status is a moving target.  International treaties and law have guidelines that should be followed.  The process is only simplified if you have enough money to work your way through the system.  You can essentially buy citizenship with a $500,000 “EB5” investment, one of the most mismanaged government programs in the country.  Businesses in this country are looking to hire and need more help than is often available in their area.  It seems like there are some jobs that Americans don’t want to do that are filled immigrants.

A History of Immigrants, a Future of ?

Mixed into the issue is our history as a country of immigrants.  Unless you are an American Indian your family immigrated here.  The country has struggled with prejudices on immigration since it was formed.  Our Constitution and Bill of Rights were crafted by immigrants.  Amendments we added to reflect the changing needs of the country and ratified by the states.   The 14th amendment guarantees birthright citizenship.  President Trump has suggested eliminating this amendment.

Sanctuary cities came to be when those citizens felt the current law did not reflect their values.  It should be the responsibility of Congress to address these issues.

Congressional Failures

Congress failed to fully fund the wall,  immigration courts, ICE, tracking immigrants and many other aspects of immigration.    Local law enforcement has no budget to deal with illegal immigrants.  There is no plan for 800,000 people  covered by DACA.  There is a potential for a partial government shut down due to border wall funding.

 Write Congress now and tell them to find solutions!

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