Our most popular ‘write your own letter’ is Contact President Donald Trump.

Why it is important to contact the President.

Letters to the President are one of the few ways the Administration remains connected to the average American.  Think about it.  The Administration spends every day working with people in national and international leadership positions.  An average US citizen is rarely part of their day.

While the Trump administration has not released how much the president is involved in the mail from citizens, history shows letters to the president drive major public policies.

President Obama directed his staff select 10 letters from the public for him to read every evening he was at the White House.  He would either personally hand write a reply or leave notes for his assistant to draft a reply that he would sign.  Those letters told him what the people were worried about.  During the development of the health care bill he had a letter framed and posted outside of the oval office from someone struggling to afford treatment for leukemia.  One child wrote in concern about how her father was stressed after returning from deployment from Iraq.  The President had the local VA in their home area reach out to the father for treatment of his PTSD.

Not all letters asked Obama for things.  One lady sent him a picture of how she used her $250 tax refund to build a raised garden bed.  A young boy wrote to see if his family could adopt the child from war torn Aleppo featured on the news because he wanted to have a brother.  Another child said she was having trouble making friends, Obama wrote back with a helpful note.  An immigrant who became a citizen wrote and told him he was so worried about gun violence in the US he was thinking of leaving the country. Under his administration the letters were organized by topic with summaries of the most frequent issues of the day.  That information was passed along to the departments who were in charge of that area.

You may never know the full impact of the letter you write to the president but it will be read and it may influence national policy.

What happens when you send a letter to the President?

Whatever your reason to contact President Trump you can be assured someone will read your letter.  Not every letter written will make it to the presidents’ desk but some will.  The Office of Presidential Correspondence has a large paid staff (75?) supplemented by volunteers (300?) who read every letter that comes to the President.  They organize the letters by topics and position passing that summary information along to different people in the administration.  President Trump’s office has not released the exact process for his administration but there have been news stories of him replying to people’s letters.  Most responses received are generic responses with a digital image of the President’s signature.  It generally takes a long time to receive a response and most people do not hear back.

We suggest you also copy your Senators and Representative as their office may be more able to address specific issues.

Why people write the President.

Some of the letters we have processed are requests for help with personal issues where people have tried unsuccessfully to help from other places and are at the end of their rope.  Other people want to tell the President about their ideas to fix a particular problem in the country.  Some people offer their support and prayers with thanks for the job President is doing.  Others oppose his plans or actions and ask him to change his position.

One lady wrote President Trump a letter six days a week for a year.  She hadn’t voted for him but she wanted him to know what she thought about important national issues that were affecting her life.  In the end of the year she said the process of putting her thoughts into letters helped her clarify her own positions.  In some cases, she even changed her original opinion because of the work she did in putting the letters together.  Writing forced her to do more research and think deeper about the issues.

The history of contacting the President.

George Washington replied to the letters he received personally.  By the Mckinley administration the volume reached 100 letters per day and staff was hired to handle them.  Herbert Hoover received 800 letters per day, Roosevelt got 8,000 and Obama received over 10,000 letters, emails and packages per day.

How to craft a letter to the President.

If you are thinking about writing the President you already have a topic that is important to you.  It’s been on your mind for a while so now is the time to get it done.

Here are a few tips:

  • Write from the heart.
  • Make it personal, explain why this is important to you.
  • Be clear about what you are asking him to do.
  • Keep it short, one page is best but never more than two pages.
  • Write with respect, never threaten more than the loss of your vote.

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The great things about our country is that we all have the right to speak our mind.  You have a right and a responsibility to reach out to any government official to tell them what you think and what you need.

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