Coronavirus? South Dakota Says “Hold My Beer”

This weekend South Dakota’s population will be almost 30% higher than usual when it hosts the 80th Annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

In what may be the biggest gathering in the country since the coronavirus showed up, 250,000 people are expected to attend the activities.  The 10 day rally takes place in Sturgis, a town that boasts 7000 permanent residents.  On the edge of Black Hills National Forest less than an hour away from Mt Rushmore, the famous old west town of Deadwood and near the Badlands, Sturgis has a lot to offer its’ visitors.

The beauty of the hills and old west feel make it a unique venue for visitors from around the world.  Over it’s 80 year life the events of the rally have evolved.  While it is still dominated by the rumble of thousands of motorcycle engines you should make no assumptions about the attendees.   Famous faces have always been sprinkled in the crowds, from Peter Fonda to Sarah Palin or Tom Berenger, you never know who you might be able to spot.  Charity events like the Legends Ride bring famous people from all walks of life.

The rally provides all kinds of experiences.  Each of the campgrounds provide a totally different atmosphere.  Music, activities and food are cranked up to different genres.  Some are definitely not child approved.

In town celebrations are watched over by relatively friendly law enforcement brought in for the event from across the state.  Don’t expect to be able to drive drunk but do expect an officer to tell you to get rid of your beer when you are outside of a designated party area.

There were concerns from some of the towns residents about holding the rally this year with fears over the virus.  Those were shot down pretty quickly by the South Dakota attitude that says “if your worried about it – stay home.”  The decision to go ahead with the rally also came from the fact that Sturgis gets over 90% of it annual revenue from the rally and the State of South Dakota sees over 800 million in economic activity from the event.

South Dakota says hold my beer and watch what happens next.

Check out the live action web cams from downtown Sturgis here

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