Award winning comedian, Dave Chappelle, drops a special on the 8 minutes 46 seconds George Floyd was under the knee of the police. 

Chappelle takes the stage armed only with a cigarette and notebook in front of a socially distanced audience of 100 people.  How does a black comedian address the death of George Floyd?

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Chappelle steers you through his personal experiences, headlines of death, zinging pundits and the time for change.  No one would expect to find humor in any of it. Chappell even confesses partway through the show “This is not funny at all,”.

While the material is dead serious there are a few moments of laughter dropped in mostly making fun of himself.  His stories bring you in and there are several instances where his family history coincides with today, like he was born at 8:46 am.

If you like Chappelle’s delivery, you can join the 16.5 million viewers of 846

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