Chris D’Elia, you suck.

I could have never said this publicly without having to go through your series of AWFUL comedy specials, but this has nothing to do with your mediocre material. 

Chris D’Elia, you suck, because DM’ng underage girls with sexual advances are sick. I didn’t care that you’re an awful comedian, hey – different strokes for different folks, but while your counterpart, Dave Chappelle cements himself with the powerful 8:46, you just finally prove you’re an awful person. 

In your last special, you wore a designer t-shirt with finely cut holes and left us debating what had more holes in your special, the material or that t-shirt. Here’s what we are not debating, Chris D’Elia, your Netflix special No Pain is a truly painful irony. Your whole bit about pedophiles is aging like prune juice left in the sun. You said “You develop a thick skin and if people don’t like you it’s whatever” You’re going to need a whole new body, forget your material, we just don’t like you. You’re going to wish bombing in Omaha was the most of your problems. 

Your whole No Pain special was an insight into who you are. You told us. You said you had no idea how old a kid was, let me give you a tip Chris if she says 16… She’s too young for you man, and under your logic “Shave your mustache, get in your van, and go home”. 

And now that you are going home, we shift our attention to the victims. Simoné @girlpowertbh, started with sharing DM conversations from when she was 16 with you. The rest followed. There are over 8 young ladies that have come out. This is powerful. The world needs more women to speak out against alleged overly sexual, underage seeking creeps like Chris D’Elia.

We only hope Netflix does the right thing and pulls all of your material but while it’s there we can all take solace in something you said and I quote 

“As a comedian, I get better, but as a person, I get way worse”.

You certainly got the latter right.

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