It’s no surprise that the United States economy is struggling with an unemployment of 7.9%. The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll globally, with 39.4 million cases and over 1.1 million deaths.

Adding insult to the families that have lost loved ones is worrying about paying their rent or putting food on the table. 

The United States is closing in on 8 million infected and 216 thousand deaths, schools largely remain closed, and labor participation is eerily similar to WW2 era percentages. 

So how could the jobs President have done a better job? Perhaps a universal response to the pandemic. A more willing embrace of masks, more testing, and a phased attack to re-opening. To say the response has not impacted the economy would be fundamentally inaccurate. 

President Trump will leave office having lost 4 million jobs from his predecessor. 

That’s not fake news. 

The truth is: President Trump was pacing to create fewer jobs than President Obama BEFORE the pandemic. 

Manufacturing in 2019 lost 19,000 jobs. 

The final presidential debate 2020 will be at 9:00 PM – 10:30 PM on

Thursday, October 22. 

For America’s sake, it would be great to hear the President speak to how he plans to grow the economy and live up to the title given by his supporters as the “jobs” President and not an infomercial on what he considers past accomplishments.

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