Here are a few of the recent letter suggestions:

Level:  Senator Al Franken                                Category:  Resignation

You don’t have to resign. Minnesotans elected you and we are the only ones that have the right to ask you to resign. Amy and you are not part of the swamp and the swamp has no right to ask for your resignation. Your a comedian and wright now that place needs a  comedian because that place is the biggest joke of all. Hang in there Al only Minnesota has a right to ask you to quit.
Good Luck


Level: National                                                        Category:  Net neutrality

Since the beginning of this nation we have had freedom of speech. And throughout the years we have had troubles.  But we have always came back . I don’t know if we can comeback from this. The internet is some people’s only voice. If we take away this protective layer what will happen next. Will company’s take away our right to strike. We need to keep net neutrality its our right. I know this is a crude letter to say the least. But please listen to my voice.

Level:  National                                                       Category:  tax reform

Please Please, allow nursing home care to be tax deductible.  This is cruel.

Level:  National                                                      Category:  FAMILY & TAXES

The proposed 2017 tax legislation change does away with the individual exemption deduction.  In effect, this change discriminates against any family with children.  Yes there is the child credit, but the child credit is only for children up to the age of 16.  The exemption deduction is for all children.  In the final version PLEASE reconsider allowing the exemption deduction for children.
I am a CPA with a tax practice.  I have a large number clients who will be negatively impacted by the loss of the exemption deduction.
Thank you,

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