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In the process of developing border wall position letters we came across a comprehensive coverage  package by USA Today.   It features a package of videos that examine issues associated with the wall.

They take a little time to load and you have to turn the sound on but they are definitely worth watching.

The path of the wall: A helicopter view of the path of the wall

Walking into the desert: People who go missing

Human Smugglers: Profiting from bringing people across the border

Vigilantes on the border: Volunteer Militia on Patrol

Migrants:  I will always find a way in

Murder by Migrant:  The killing of a border patrol agent

Land needed for the border wall:  Building a border wall through your land- eminent domain

Tribal land:  Sacred lands and their people divided by the wall

Illegal Drug Smuggling:  The battle that won’t end

A holy shrine: A place of pilgrimage divided

Ranchers: Violence on their land

Making Mexico Pay:  Who will actually pay

Endangered Species:  Splitting habitat for endangered cats

Border Patrol:  Living with danger every day

Uncounted Deaths: Border counties and states struggle with the volume of unidentified bodies


Who wants the wall?

Border wall counties voted for Clinton:

President Trump has always said it should be a partial wall:


Paying for the wall:

8/20/2018 the latest on congressional action to fund the wall:

Ready to send a letter to your congressional representatives:  Send a letter now

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