Here is a sampling of the letter suggestions we have received:

I am writing to our senators as a concerned member of our society on the vote of net neutrality. I am in ap computer science this year we have learned quite a bit about net neutrality, from this learning I have come to understand how entirely  crucial  new neutrality is for not only the consumer but for education. So I am begging you as a concerned citizen not to vote yes to remove net neutrality and to not side with big business.

Hello. My name is Adriana. I took my time to write this letter before the net neutrality law changes. I just want my voice to be heard. People in the USA needs freedom in the internet to do projects, business, and more. It be unfair to pay for websites and apps that we need for every day use. Also teachers need the freedom of the internet, to tech our students. Thank you for taking your time to read about my opinion about net neutrality.

Help save Net Neutrality. I honestly don’t think anyone important will see my letter but in the case that does happen I have written one. Net Neutrality has just ended, making rich people richer and poor people poorer. I am not highly educated, I am just a freshman in highschool. I know that I can’t do much to help save Net Neutrality, but I have to try. I don’t pay bills, but I know that I will have to. I know that people rely on the internet for work, school, and other things. I am very fortunate that my family has enough money for internet, clothes and other needs. I use the internet everyday for school work, and I couldn’t imagine not having that resource to use. People who are less fortunate may lose that resource and will make living in this great country harder. America was not founded on the belief that rich people should get even richer, making poor people poorer. The death of Net Neutrality may cause people to not be able to pursue the american dream. The internet has made the world’s information accessible. If people cannot access that information then they may not be able to be very successful. I love this country and I want to save Net Neutrality.
Sincerely, Austin

I have put a lot of thought into writing this. I did my research, and I have concluded the fact that, if Congress and/or the Supreme Court allow this bill to pass, our rights will be violated. In the Bill of Rights, it states that we, as Americans, have the right to free speech. If this bill were to pass, companies can go onto the Internet and shut down any and all websites they do not agree with, such as BLM. This is a CLEAR violation of that right. Another violation of the first Amendment occurs on the FCC’s part. If this bill were to pass, the FCC clearly stated they will be able to censor anything on the internet, infringing our free speech a second time. For my third reason, it’s quite simple. Internet companies AND the FCC will be able to see our internet history, which is a violation of our right to privacy. I urge you to veto this bill as a fellow American.
Sincerely, Brian

Hi I am Ella, 14, and was wandering why Net neutrality was repealed because every person I know is against it being repealed cause it seems like we won’t be able to go anywhere on the Internet without running into regulations put in place by providers that are turning into more if a monopoly than they were before.   And also why is Ajit Pai is running some dirty politics by previously working for Verizon, trying to repeal net neutrality, than most likely returning to Verizon with a higher pay that will serve as a bribe. I don’t understand why we shouldn’t have net neutrality. Thank you for reading.

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