President Trump makes changes to the H-1B Visa program.

With the United States economy heavily impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, President Trump has suspended the entry of certain migrant workers until the end of 2020.

A move the administration depicts as an economic booster could free up to 525,000 jobs for US citizens according to senior white house officials. 

The curiosity around the 525,000 new job figure revolves around the already dramatic visa request decline due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Details on how the administration arrived at those figures are unknown. 

The maneuver temporarily blocks foreign workers entering on H-1B visas, for skilled workers, and L visas, for management and company transfers. In addition, seasonal visas (H-2B), primarily used for labor-intensive or industrial work have also been placed on hold. 

The suspension also applies to J-1 holders, commonly used for interns, trainees, teachers, and summer work travel programs. 

Those already in the United States are exempt from these travel suspensions. In addition, food supply chain workers and people deemed in the nation’s interest are exempt. 

Many major tech companies are concerned with the travel bans, as they rely on highly-skilled developers outside of the United States. This will limit American tech-companies competing globally for top international talent.

In addition, the hospitality industry which has been devastated by the pandemic will feel the entry ban. Many hotels, including Trump-owned properties, rely on seasonal visas. 

The United States currently has the highest unemployment rate since the great depression. 

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