If you had asked me about this game back during its release in 2016, I’d have never recommended it.

The No Man’s Sky hype-machine had hit full-steam to Peter Molyneux-levels of over-promised features.

I don’t even remember if it was all Hello Games’ fault, but its release was a disastrous lesson in expectation management. Though they were flogged quite hard by their player-base and in the reviews, Hello Games continued to support their game with content drops and patches over these last few years; bringing it far from its original tepid experience. I’m here today to tell you No Man’s Sky is worth your time.

While No Man’s Sky still has that core gameplay loop of exploring and harvesting procedural-generated planets in a vast galaxy, Hello Games continues to expand everything around it. Players now have a run of story missions to help acclimate themselves to the game’s mechanics; something it sorely missed back in release. Not only story, but the content patches have also brought in freighters, mechs, living ships, base building, random events, and most recently derelict ships to explore. It all goes a long way to give the game more life, and the in-game galaxies do feel more inhabited than the old days of launch.

They’ve also implemented the multiplayer they promised back before launch, but took it a step further just last month by making it cross-platform. It’s been a boon for my friends and I, who are usually segregated by our platform choice. It’s been a good deal of evening fun for us to team up and check out new systems for that perfect place to build that next base or turn this one perfect island into a race track for our exocrafts. We’re having a blast.

There’s been some significant improvements here. Enough to make this THE comeback story in gaming history that people will judge other games by. No Man’s Sky is worth your time to at least check it out. Hello Games is still supporting and expanding it, and I can’t wait to see what they bring out next for it.

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