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FBI investigation into the noose found in Bubba Wallace’s NASCAR garage is complete. 

There won’t be any charges issued in the incident but the fallout from the conviction of Wallace in social media has him pissed. 

The noose was used as a pull on the garage door on the unit assigned to Wallace.  A crew member reported it to NASCAR.  The first assumption by NASCAR was that the noose was meant to be an implied lynching threat to Wallace.  He had recently spoken out about the about discrimination in general and the prominent display of the Confederate Flag in NASCAR.  As a result, NASCAR banned the flag at its events.  The reception of the ban by fans was mixed.  While some welcomed the change, others were outraged at what they saw as the demise of a proud history.

The FBI investigation revealed the noose had been in that garage in October of last year, long before anyone would know the Wallace team would use that stall this year.  So while in poor taste, it did not represent a threat specifically directed at Wallace.

Enter the dark world of social media and a clear display of racism.  Before any facts of the case came out internet trolls had convicted Bubba Wallace of staging the event to get attention.   You can see evidence of the sentiments displayed on the story Voice Big ran on June 22 here.

Even worse was the sentiment expressed by Mike Skinner, son of a former NASCAR driver.  Skinner posted to social media cheering whoever put the noose in the Wallace garage, and expressed his wish that whoever did it should have dragged Wallace by the neck through the pits.  He blamed Bubba Wallace for single handedly destroying NASCAR.  Skinner was rebuked by his father and has since walked back his comments.  You can see a more detailed story about it here.

We can see why Wallace is pissed.

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