Major League Baseball fans can officially start the countdown to Opening Day!

Baseball in the United States is back either July 23 or 24! Players will be heading to training camp on July 1, and health and safety protocols have been agreed upon. 

Serious concerns existed whether we would have a 2020 MLB season. After several rounds of negotiating player pay and safety protocols, the Major League Baseball Players Association and MLB Owners agreed on a 60-game season that will run through September 27.

Getting to this agreement was not easy.

The lack of a negotiated deal triggered a March 26 agreement that allowed the league to impose a schedule while giving players a guaranteed prorated portion of their salaries.

All baseball fans are excited to see the sport return, but player safety is still a top concern, this season will not look like any other.

MLB in 2020 includes a designated hitter in the National League. Extra inning will begin with a runner on second base. The trade deadline will be a month before the regular season ends. Taxi squads ensure 60 players available to play and a full COVID-19 injured list.

Complete changes and FAQ for this MLB 2020 season can be found at MLB:

If everything goes well, and fingers crossed it will, teams will play 60 games in 66 days. 

Baseball is finally back.

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