The founding fathers were careful to define the purpose of government and the rights of citizens. They built in a system of checks and balances to make sure the government and elected officials did not abuse, corrupt or take advantage of the power citizens entrusted to them.   

Impeachment is one part of the constitution that provides a way to review the actions of the president 

Impeachment Steps and Facts:

  1.  An impeachment inquiry does not require a vote to start
  2. The House has the sole responsibility for drafting articles of Impeachment
  3. The investigation is carried out by house subcommittee there are no specific rules on how to carry out the investigation
  4. The results of the investigation identify if issues warrant impeachment and draft the articles of impeachment
  5. The subcommittee(s) vote with a simple majority to approve the articles of impeachment
  6. House members vote to pass the Articles of Impeachment. It takes a simple majority vote (218 vote of 435 members) if approved the president is impeached
  7. The Senate has the sole power to judge the articles of impeachment. They go through a process that presents the pros and cons. Then Senate votes on the articles. It requires 2/3rd majority vote (67 of 100) by the Senate to remove the President from office
  8. Impeachment does not require criminal wrong doing nor guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.
  9. High crimes and misdemeanors are not specifically defined
  10. The president has the power to pardon in all cases except impeachment.

A vote for impeachment in the House does not remove the president from office unless the Senate agrees.

Your US Representative will have to participate in the impeachment vote.

Your US Senator will have to vote to remove the President from office or allow him to remain.

As a citizen of the US you should let your congressional representatives know if you support the impeachment efforts or not.

Click here to tell your congress how you want them to respond to the impeachment of President Trump

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