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We have all seen and heard of shortages for hand sanitizer and personal protective supplies.  Across the country individuals, schools and businesses are stepping up to meet the need.  Here are two examples of surprising ways people found a way to help.  If you can make it to the end of this story you might be surprised that you can help too!.  


The owners of an upstate New York company that makes 3D printers say they have stopped taking orders so they can focus on making face shields for medical workers and first responders.

Budmen Industries owned by Stephanie Keef and Isaac Budmen has designed a face visor printable on their 16 3D printers from the basement of their Liverpool, New York, home. 

Utilizing elastic and clear plastic, they have delivered 400 face shields to the Emergency Management Department in Onondaga County.

Budmen Industries have made the files available to other users and created a database to connect people with printers to hospitals that need supplies.  Their efforts have developed a world wide network of over 2700 producers.

The Budmen Industries website has been overwhelmed with the high demand, so they’re asking people to email requests to [email protected]


The halls of Lake Area Tech in Watertown, SD are strangely quiet.  Its’ 2400 students went away when this number 1 technical school in the nationl was closed for the semester due to Covid-19.

But there is a hum in the robotics department.  Here too, instructors saw an opportunity to help by putting the idle 3D printers to work making medical face shields.  


If you have a 3D printer you can help too.  Both Budmen Industries and Lake Area Tech  have plans on their websites that you can use to put your printer to work.  If you don’t have a printer you can donate to help cover the cost of supplies. 

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