Country Time Lemonade launched the “Littlest Bailout Relief Fund for Kids’ Lemonade Stands”.   

Did the kids have to close their lemonade stand because of social distancing and corona-virus worries?  Help could be coming their way. 

For the chance to receive a $100 Country Time bailout simply visit Someone 18 or over fills out the application form on the website and they are entered into a random drawing. If picked the bailout will come in the mail in the form of a commemorative check and a prepaid gift card for $100!

This isn’t the first time Country Time has stepped up to help the kids lemonade stand industry. In 2018 they launched “Legal-Ade” which helped kids across the country pay permit fees and fines on their lemonade stands due to out dated permit laws. “Legal-Ade” prompted legislation in several states across the country, including Colorado and Texas, to help legalize kids lemonade stands.

Here’s the news release:

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