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What an exhausting week and how seven days can make a world of difference! 

Last week we saw President Trump interrupt former Vice President Biden over and over again during their debate.

We saw the President walk the lawn to Marine One and flown to Walter Reed after testing positive for COVID-19…

How could this week top that? Like so many weeks to week comparisons… easily. 

Welcome to this week in a nutshell.

The President Breaks Free!

After receiving the world’s best treatment and care at the presidential suite at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, President Trump was itching to be seen and see his supporters. As one source said the President was growing increasingly “desperate to leave his suite.”

And so he did! All for a 5-second photo-op that endangered the secret service.

The Triumphant Return.

President Trump left Walter Reed Military National Military Medical Center and made it back to the White House.”

And after tweeting when talking about a virus that has killed over 211,000 Americans, “But don’t let it dominate your lives,” The President thought a maskless, balcony address was in order. 

On and off and on again, Stimulus Package negotiations.

President Trump returned to The White House after checking out of his Presidential suite at Walter Reed. 

His first action? Well, after a mask-less photo op in which he was less than 6 feet from a White House photographer. To reverse course from his hospital bedside tweet and end stimulus negotiations between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin.

We had a VP Debate.

And am I the only one still hearing “Thank you, Mr. Vice President” in my mind?

The evening debate prompted President Trump to call VP nominee Kamala Harris, a “Monster.” 

Michigan Kidnapping.

And this is when the week officially topped the week prior. Last week we talked about President Trump interrupting former VP Biden in a debate… this week, we are talking about a sitting Governor, Michigan Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, having a kidnapping plot against her foiled. 

And yesterday, we recapped the President’s behavior since leaving Walter Reed with a friendly reminder

President Trump… You have the ‘rona!

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