A Call for United Voicing.

Let me tell you a story…

When I was 7 years old I came home and complained to my mother about being different. I have a Hispanic name, a shade darker than most my classmates, and was growing up in Boston, MA. My mother, ever the listener, allowed me to vent until I concluded with “And I will never speak Spanish again”.

My mother did what wise women do, and she slowed things down while proceeding to deliver some much-needed knowledge.

She told me a story about two kids, one in a house with one door, and the other in a house with two doors. She said both homes catch fire asking me “Which home would you prefer to be in?” I responded, “Entiendo” (I understand in Spanish).

I have had incredible conversations with liberals and I have argued with liberals. I am registered Republican and have voted for Democrats. My mother taught me my differences are what makes me unique and OUR differences are what makes this great country unique.

The beauty of this disruptive platform is its ONLY focus is to help citizens VOICE BIG! Every single issue written for has an agree or disagree letter. We, the citizen, cast our votes and in the past have drifted into a set & forget it mentality. Voice Big hopes to lay out the issues, allow you to make your own informed decision and take action by sending a letter your elected officials CAN NOT ignore. We hope to take the conversation from co-workers, friends, families, and social outings to Washington.

We want to unite. We want to give voice BACK to the population electing representatives. That will be the common denominator, action. To get things done, we have to work together, become tolerant, accept our differences, because if we do – our elected officials will be held responsible for doing the same.

We encourage every citizen to Voice BIG in the name of unity.

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