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Verified by Facebook


Voice Big is now verified by Facebook to run and promote political stories and posts.  For the last few months Voice Big owners and their support team have worked their way through the Facebook requirements to get verified as a United States based entity that is legitimately involved in US politics.  The process was extensive.  At first they just required general contact information like name and address.  The next requirements were much more invasive.   By the time we were approved we had sent copies of our business license, tax returns and pictures of both sides of our driver licenses to prove we were not agents of a foreign government.

We appreciate the work Facebook is doing to protect our country from the influence of foreign governments who are trying to damage our democratic republic.

You may notice our promoted posts now say this is a political ad paid for by Voice Big.  Voice Big is not sponsored by any political party or special interest group.  We are self- funded by the revenue from our web site.

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