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We hear citizens feeling as if they are not heard, don’t think their vote matters, and feel muted by other’s agenda. Voice Big aims to change that by allowing you find hot-button items, or issues that impact your life and reach out to elected officials DIRECTLY.

President Trump has changed the way we digest news by speaking directly via Twitter. Voice Big aims to get you to speak with elected officials with no filter, no buffer, and let them know exactly where you stand!

Creating political will requires citizens and constituents to speak out and let their voice be heard. In the absence of a face-to-face meeting, the best way to communicate your message is with letters to elected officials.

The second question we receive is why not email, direct message, a tweet, etc.?

It’s just not personal and to be frank, can be easily ignored or side-stepped with an auto-response or personnel reply. Emails and phone calls are tallied and most petitions are ignored.

The way we see it is Each letter = one vote. We would love a reply, but sheer optic of receiving thousands of letters will make our politicians pay close attention to the will of the people. Knowing that the sender paid to contact them will also lend more weight to the senders

Our elected officials are sent to Washington by us to work for us! Voice Big exists to give you the vehicle to voice a multitude of high-impacting issues ranging from health care, immigration, ethics, gun control, budget, taxes, and more.

Being a vehicle means we are 100% non-partisan and we offer both positions to each matter. As long as EVERYONE is Voicing BIG the country wins. Remember, special interest can fund more campaigns than us, but we have more votes than they have money!

It’s time we hold politicians accountable and ensure they are working for us.

Voice BIG today! by JM

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