What an unlikely combination of things, but allow us to make the connections. 

Carole Catherine founded the “Wives of the Deplorables” Facebook group after finding out her husband voted for Donald Trump. 

That’s right! 

Carole Catherine and her husband, Tim, are the Conway’s sans the public eye, not alone. Carole’s Facebook group has hundreds of members. Unlike the Conways, Carole, a democrat, and husband Tim, a republican, do not have the same political party affiliation. 

(Both Conway’s are Republican. Kellyann worked at the White House as a Senior Aide to President Trump, while George, a Never Trumper, co-funded the anti-trump super PAC the Lincoln Project)

So how did Carole find out? Devastated by the 2016 election, she rang Tim crying. His response? As Carole recalls, “And he was like, ‘Yeah, of course she lost. She is an awful human being.'”

Carole immediately thought, “It was like a light went off for me. And I thought, ‘Oh boy, we’re going to have trouble.’ “

And trouble did ensue. Tim was Carole’s high school sweetheart, and after her first marriage ended in divorce, the young couple reunited. Eleven years passed with no significant issues until 2016 made them deal with substantial ideological differences. 

“I didn’t know that he’s anti-abortion. I didn’t know that he is so emotional about immigration,” Catherine said. “Both of us never really fleshed out those issues.”

The group’s name is a play on Clinton’s now-infamous labeling of some of Trump’s supporters during her 2016 presidential campaign. Carole started the group in October 2019 to try to talk politics with her husband without it becoming a screaming match. 

The group is made up of wives across the United States who are Democrats, whose spouses are Republicans; many of them Trump supporters.

Carole talking about the feedback from members, “So many of them join the group and go, ‘Thank God you guys are here,’ ” She continued, “‘I’m so glad that I found this place where I can be me, and I don’t feel like I’m crazy.'”

And the posts indeed show the frustration, divide, and challenges these women are facing.

Here are some posts:

“There is a big wall between us like never before … We’ve been married 45 years and I adore him. Except this. I have GOP friends and I love them. But it’s hard to be married to a man who I thought shared the same values.”

“I am not interested in surviving my marriage. I do not admire sticking it out with a person who is unable to empathize with others. Maybe I am bitter … but missing out on an intimate part of marriage, like deep conversations and unity just sounds hollow to me. I want a partner to march with, to resist with and one who shared my ridiculously idealistic views!”

“This was an agreement we made early on: No Fox News, no MSNBC,” Gretchen Wisehart told about a half-dozen members in a recent Zoom call. “I do sneak The New York Times and Wall Street Journal online. I fully admit it.”

Fortunately for these women, they have found an outlet to voice frustrations and speak with women facing similar situations, unlike the Conway’s that had their marital rifts publicly exposed, including their daughter’s TikTok.

And with George Conway posting about his sit-down meeting with Anonymous, Twitter quickly picked up and said it was Kellyanne, but ended up being Miles Taylor. And that’s the thing; we have a fascination with these multi-layered, complicated, very gray relationships. The more issues, dirty and gossip, the better, until it’s in your home and you’re the couple. 

And if you’re a wife married to a Trump supporter, Carole Catherine’s Facebook group might be where you can talk drop off one of those layers.

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