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COVID-19 has impacted the way we live, claiming over 1.14 million lives globally and infecting over 28.4 million people.

Anonymous, 36-year-old female, Miami, Florida:

“They said only old people could get it, and we were careless.” She said. Her whole family, including her dog, contracted the virus.

“Thankfully, the kids,” an 11-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl, “They didn’t get severe symptoms; actually, my son is asymptomatic.”

Her husband fared much worse.

“He got it bad. I think he lost about 19 pounds. He had pneumonia and was having trouble breathing. It was scary.”

And when asked what she would do differently, she responded, “Everything. I was one that said, ‘oh, I can’t get it,’ and we could have taken better precautions. Now we wear masks everywhere and are much more mindful of the reality we live. People say you can’t get it twice. Maybe they’re right, but I don’t want our family to prove the comment wrong.”

Thankfully, all have recovered and not only are taking precautions but found increased importance on preventive measures. 

“Vitamins, healthy eating, natural remedies to strengthen our immune systems. This or any other future pandemic, and may we never have one, I pray, the healthier you come into it, the better your chances are. We took care of our health before getting coronavirus, and I know that helped us overcome the virus. We are now living even healthier. This was scary.”

And when asked if she had any advice to people, she answered, “Take care of yourself. I believe in freedom and right, but no different than defending your family from intruders or physical threats – you have to protect them from sickness and viruses. This is not a joke; you can get sick. When you or your family is ill or, God forbid, dead, you don’t care about statistics.”

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